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Wednesday, February 2

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Open 7 days a week, Chang Acupuncture in San Diego has been recognized as one of the top "Best Acupuncture Clinics" in San Diego for three years in a row (as shown on 10 News A-list). This honor is due to our dedication to help people like you achieve your health goals since 1997.

Our approach to helping you conceive is a holistic one, looking at all aspects of you and your partner’s health and wellbeing. Our multi-faceted treatment combines acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements, nutrition & lifestyle recommendations with the latest Western medical knowledge to help you conceive in the most natural, safest, and cost-effective way possible.  In addition to our treatments, we offer regular educational talks to provide more opportunities for you to enhance your health naturally.

Your team of experts are here to assist you with your questions throughout your process. Call us at 858-495-0771 or email

Chang Acupuncture’s Mission Statement:

To awaken the body’s innate wisdom for self-healing by informing, involving, and empowering our community. We will deliver quality medical care and compassionate service to be San Diego’s resource for whole health care.

Julie Chang L.Ac. Eric Hollander, L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist) Heidi Brockmyre L.Ac.
Julie Chang L.Ac. Eric Hollander L.Ac. Heidi Brockmyre L.Ac.

If you are not interested in fertility enhancement, see what other conditions we can treat.


  Improve your fertility by 83%.

Chang Acupuncture in San Diego specializes in:
CUSTOMIZED FERTILITY HERBAL TREATMENT with an in-house pharmacy of hundreds of herbs
INCREASING your chances of SUCCESS with IUI or IVF - 73% of our IVF patients have conceived with our acupuncture protocol developed exclusively at our clinic. 
RESOLVING unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriages, irregular menses, PCOS,endometriosis
IMPROVING SPERM QUALITY including count, motility, and morphology (shape)
• Helping women OVER 40 YEARS OLD or diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve conceive
• Offering COUPLE’S ACUPUNCTURE in the comfort of our couple’s room with side by side treatment beds

So whether you’ve already had failed IUI or IVF cycles, would like some extra help to complement assisted fertility treatment or are simply looking for a more natural approach, we can help you.

Call us today for a consultation or appointment, you’ll speak directly to the owner, Julie Chang to answer your questions and concerns and see if acupuncture is the treatment for you.

June 5, 2010 Channel 6 News segment featuring Julie Chang and Dr. Lila Schmidt about Acupuncture for infertility

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We understand how important your health issue is to you and strive to return calls and emails promptly.  However if you do not receive a reply by the end of the day or at the latest, within 24 hours, please call or email us again as we may not have received your message.  Thank you.

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